Recommended Baby Bottles

There have been several reports about certain plastics used in baby bottle products, especially polycarbonate. There have been several tests, which have replicated a procedure used by the FDA, to show that this clear, hard, shiny plastic leeched small amounts of chemical called Bisphenol-A, when exposed to temperatures similar to boiling waters.

It has been known for an extended period of time, that large doses of Bisphenol-A have produces adverse effects in lab animals. Therefore, as a precaution, this office advises avoiding polycarbonate baby bottles until more information is known about their possible effects on infants.

The recommended infant bottles are basically in three different categories:

1. The disposable systems, that are comprised of plastic holders and liners made of polyethylene, a non-polycarbonate plastic.

2. Bottles made from non-polycarbonate plastic.

3. Bottles made from glass.

The disposable systems encompass several commercial varieties, which include models from Playtex and Avent.

The bottles made from non-polycarbonate plastic include models by Evenflo, Pastel Nurser, and Gerber.

Glass bottles were manufactures by Evenflo, although one must realize the risk of harm if a glass baby bottle fractures.

If you have any questions about a bottle that is not listed, this office recommends calling the manufacturer using the phone number  on the package to check it’s composition.